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Social Restaurant Analytics

Our product allows hospitality driven brands to harness the full voice of the customer, bridging the gap between marketing and ops. The social media data collected by White Box is not only valuable to your marketing team, but all levels of leadership including ops, finance and management.

TDn2K Events

We are the creators of Summer Brand Camp and Global Best Practices, two amazing annual conferences open to all restaurant and service organizations. We also host quarterly webinars, which focus on the latest workforce trends and issues facing the restaurant industry.

Consulting & Targeted Competitor Reporting

Our company is a powerhouse for restaurant industry performance management. In addition to the insights provided within our social reports, we also track sales intelligence and human capital intelligence as well as ad hoc analysis and consulting services.

We transform your guest’s social data into operating intelligence

Our interactive dashboards gather guest data from Facebook, Yelp, Google, Foursquare, Twitter, and others. Visualize data by custom operating attributes in interactive dashboards to measure satisfaction, management and marketing.


Sophisticated language libraries analyze the content of brand social mentions and attribute them with operational performance metrics. Data is classified according to categories such as Food, Service, and Intent to Return. Brands are also able to create their own custom classifications, in order to track marketing activity.

Social Score

Social Score

The proprietary Social Scoring algorithm analyzes data from consumers’ social conversations, reviews, and activity and compares your brand’s performance against a customized set of competitors as well as your segment.

Mention Detail

Mention Detail

Segment mentions by attributes like food, beverage, service, ambiance, intent to return and people. Or set up custom keywords or attribute phrases, to match your objectives, campaigns or brand events – such as the introduction of a new menu item.



Track how your brand, region, DMA or location is performing in terms of sentiment. Customizable graphs allow you to track changes in positive and negative sentiment over a particular date range.



Never miss a critical mention. Real-time alerts send emails to your team for fast, actionable responses. You can create alerts for sentiment, keyword and organize alert emails by team member and the frequency you prefer.

    Social Intelligence for Restaurants
  • Find out what your customers are saying about you, and where they are most active on the web
  • Analyze social mentions and classify them according to food, beverage, service, ambiance, intent to return and people
  • Uniquely designed for the restaurant industry by TDn2K and Social Strategy1
  • Bridge the gap between marketing and operations by comparing social media data to operational performance metrics
  • Integrate with Black Box Intelligence data for competitive benchmarking and overall ranking within your segment

Social Media Listening & Operational Performance

Social Media Management

Real-time feedback and alerts built in for actionable responses. Roll up from the individual unit to the entire system for reporting at all levels of your organization.

  • Social Listening
  • Unit Level Analysis
  • Social Engagement & Publishing
  • Collaboration
  • Brand Alerts & Reporting
  • Security
  • Notifications

Operational Performance Attributes

Bridge the gap between marketing and operations by attributing customer social mentions with operational performance metrics.

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Service
  • Ambiance
  • Intent to Return
  • Value
  • Customize to your needs

Restaurant Social Scoring

Uniquely designed for the restaurant industry, our proprietary Social Scoring algorithm analyzes data from consumers’ social conversations, reviews, and activity and compares your brand’s performance against a customized set of competitors as well as your segment.

  • Ratings and reviews
  • Social activity
  • Social media sentiment
  • Internal and competitive benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking

Integrated with Black Box Intelligence for a unique comparison of your market and national competitors, multiple segments and overall ranking against the industry.

  • Compare Social Score to Competition
  • Location-based Comparison
  • Restaurant Segment Comparison

Black Box Intelligence

Correlate your sales, traffic and brand performance to your Black Box Intelligence insights. Define social media ROI across unit level with actual sales data. Black Box Intelligence is the only source of private and public company data for the restaurant industry with metrics covering revenue, expense and consumer data. Integrate social with benchmarked intelligence based on timely operational results and consumer insights.

Social Media Management
Operational Performance Attributes
Restaurant Social Scoring
Competitive Benchmarking
Black Box Intelligence

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We Just Made Measuring Sales and Social Easy!

In 1995, an imaginative and committed group of human resource and operating executives from five leading restaurant chains agreed to "share" and, more importantly, to "benchmark" the key HR statistics and workforce trends that were so critical to success and profitability.

In response, Joni Thomas Doolin and a small team of analysts and HR executives designed and launched the survey that became the foundation for the People Report consortium. Today this consortium includes hundreds of brands and represents millions of employees. Recognized by the industry as a savvy and trusted research partner, People Report has evolved throughout a period of increasingly competitive business cycles to provide the information, insight and best practices that members need to grow and thrive.

Today the People Report community connects employees from the "dishroom to the boardroom," and provides the relevant workforce analytics that drive best in class performance.

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